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Red Cross Red Feather Ladies Get Their Man, The Red Hot Patriot
Red Merit Badge of Courage, The Red Roses Red Velvet
Rehearsal Relationtrip Relatively Close (Sherman)
Remembering Mr. Maugham Reunion Special Reunion: A Musical Epic in Miniature
Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll'd, The Rhiannon Rights of Passage
Rink, The Rise in the Market, A Risen from the Dough
Rituals Rivals Rivers and Ravines, The
Roadkill Confidential Robin Hood (Blamire) Robin Hood (Nigro)
Robin Hood Caper, The Rock of Ages Rock of Ages 101: High School Edition
Rock, Paper, Scissors Rocket City, Alabam' Rockin' on the Milky Way
Rocky Horror Show, The Romance Novels for Dummies Romantic Comedy
Romeo and Julius [Caesar] Rooky Wood, The Roommate, The
Rose and Walsh Rose Colored Glass Rose's Dilemma
Round and Round the Mulberry Bush Royal Gambit Royale, The
Ruby's Story Rumors Rumpelstiltskin