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Samuel French Inc

Middle Class Middle Class, Too Middletown
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The Midsummer/Jersey Milk (DeVoti)
Milk and Water Milk Like Sugar Millicent Scowlworthy
Miser, The (Thomas) Mixed Company MMF
Moby Dick Rehearsed Modern Ladies of Guanabacoa Mom's Gift
MOMologues 2: Off to School MOMologues, The Money Talks
Monsoon Season Monsoon Season (Full-Length) Monster Makers
Monument Moon Beams In Mid-Morning Moon Over Buffalo (Ludwig)
Moors, The Moose Murders More than Meets the Eye
Morning Coffee Mosley Street Melodramas, Vol. 1 Mosley Street Melodramas, Vol. 2
Mosley Street Melodramas, Vol. 3 Mosley Street Melodramas, Vol. 4 Mother Courage and Her Children (Manheim, trans.)
Mother of Him Mother of the Maid Motherhouse
Mountain Song Mountains in My Stride Mouse's Discovery, The
Mouse's Discovery, The: Chancel Plays for Young and Old Moving (Slade) Moving Mountains
Moving On Mr. Burns, a post-electric play Mrs. Evelyn Foxy & Her Low Orbit Anxiety