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Frequently Asked Questions


In response to growing concerns over the Coronavirus crises from schools and the theatre community and the safety of all we understand that you may need to cancel or postpone your shows.

If you would like to postpone your show dates please email us with your new dates prior to your original opening date.  We will do our utmost to secure approvals for your new dates and will re-issue your licence agreement.
If you wish to cancel some shows within your season please email us and we can arrange full performance fee refunds on the shows that are not going ahead.

If you need to cancel your production please email us prior to the original opening date and we will arrange full performance fee refunds.
If you are producing a musical and you already have physical copies of hire materials please return these as soon as possible and we can refund the additional rental fees, however shipping fees cannot be refunded if materials have already been sent.  

There are no fees charged to postpone or cancel your booking.  

Live Streaming
Some shows are available for live streaming. To apply for this option for your production please contact our office.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you have either by phone (61 2 8514 5201) or email

While we are updating our website, please call us with any questions on +61 2 8514 5201 or send us an email