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Healing, The Heathers: The Musical Heathers: The Musical (High School Edition)
heavy cream Hello, Out There Henry, Episode IV: A New Hope
Here, There, and Everywhere Hero, The Heroes of the Fourth Turning
Herr Kutter, The Barbaric Barber Hesperides Hide and Shriek
Hierarchy Hieronymus Bosch Higgs Field
High School for Dummies High School Reunion: The Musical Hilarious Hillbilly Massacre, The
Him History Boys, The Hit Me
Home for Stray Cats, A Homos, or Everyone in America Hookman
Hopeful Alice Horseman Hotbed Hotel
Hotel Play, The Hound of the Baskervilles Hound of the Baskervilles, The (Wright/Pichette)
House of Blue Leaves, The House Of Several Stories House Rules
How the West Was Fun How the West Was Fun -- The Musical How to Eat Like a Child
How To Get Into Buildings How to Survive an Apocalypse How to Transcend a Happy Marriage
How We Get to Where We're Going Human Being Died That Night, A Humbug
Hurlyburly Hurricane Diane hysterical