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Samuel French Inc

Cherry Orchard, The Chess - The Musical Chicago (High School Edition)
Childhood Children of Darkness China Doll (Mamet)
China: The Whole Enchilada Ching Chong Chinaman Christmas and the Gargoyle and the Big, Big Present
Christmas Cactus, A Christmas Carol High School Christmas Carol, A (Ludlam)
Christmas Carol, A (Paller) Christmas Eve Blues Christmas For Carla
Christmas Pudding II, A Christmas Pudding, A Christmas Shorts
Christmas Trees For Sale Christmas Witch, The Christmas, Aliens, Gargoyles and Everything-Just-Right
Cinderella (Kuder & Larson) Cinderella Waltz Cindyrella
Claire Danes Poster Clara's Christmas Dreams Clarence Darrow's Last Trial
clarity Clarkston Class
Class Action Clean (Cefaly) Clean House, The
Cleaners, The Clipped Clive Way, The
Closet Flung Wide Open, A Clowns Clue: The Musical
Coarse Acting Show 2, The Cockeyed Collective Dating
Collective Rage: A Play in Five Betties Come Back for Light Refreshments After the Service Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean