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Good Soul of Szechuan, The Goodnight Mister Tom Gosforth's FĂȘte
Grannies Great Britain Greek
Grimm Tales Groping for Words Grouch Who Couldn't Steal Christmas, The
Guilt Card, The Gut Girls, The Gypsy's Revenge, The
Habeas Corpus Half an Idea Half of Me
Hamp Handbag Handbag, A
Hands Across the Sea Hangmen Hansel and Gretel (Robbins)
Hapgood Happiest Days of Your Life, The Happy Birthday (Camoletti, Cross adapt.)
Happy Birthday Me Happy Event Harlequinade
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale, The Haunting Julia
Hay Fever Head to Head Heart's Desire
Heaven Hedda Gabler (Hampton) Hedda Gabler (Marber)
Hedda Gabler; This Is Not a Love Story Hello From Bertha Hello/Goodbye
Henceforward Henna Night Henry IV (Stoppard, trans.)
Henry the Tenth (Part Seven) Henry the Tudor Dude Her Big Chance