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Samuel French Ltd

Sense of the Ridiculous, A Separate Peace, A (Stoppard) Servant of Two Masters, The
Sex Cells Sex, Drugs & Rick 'n' Noel Shadow of a Gunman, The
Shadowlands Shadows (Carter) Shafted!
Shake, Ripple & Roll: A Rock and Roll Musical Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare's Sister
Shape of Things, The Shebeen Sherlock Holmes
Shifting Heart, The Shirley Valentine Shivered
Shock! Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat Shoppers
Shopping and Fucking Short Changed Shut Your Eyes and Think of England
Silence (Pinter) Silhouette Silver Lining
Silver Wedding Sins of the Father Sisterly Feelings
Sitter-In, The Sitting Pretty Skellig
Skool & Crossbones Skylight Sleeping Beauties, The
Sleuth Slice of Saturday Night, A Slight Ache, A
Small Family Business, A Small Hours, The Snake in the Grass
Sociable Plover, The Soldiering On Some Explicit Polaroids