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Samuel French Ltd

Priory, The Private Ear, The Private Fears in Public Places
Private Lives Private Peaceful (Ensemble version) Private Peaceful (One actor version)
Private View Product (Ravenhill) Promise, The
Proof Property Speculators Public Eye, The
Pull the Other One Punk Rock Purgatorio
Quartet Rabbit Radiant Vermin
Rainbow's Ending Rats, The Real Inspector Hound, The
Real Thing, The Reared Reasons To Be Pretty
Red Hot Cinders Red Lion, The Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood (Crocker and Gilder) Regeneration Regina Monologues, The
Relative Values Relatively Speaking Remember Me
Request Stop Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, The (Manheim) Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, The (Tabori, trans.)
Resounding Tinkle, A Respectable Wedding (Bremner), A Respectable Wedding, A
Revengers' Comedies, The Revlon Girl, The Rhinoceros
Rise and Fall of Little Voice, The Road Road Trip