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Samuel French Ltd

Pay-Off, The Peas (Tristram) Peepshow
People People Like Us Personal Call
Persuasion Peter Peter Pan
Pheasant Plucker Physicists, The (Kirkup) Pickle Jar
Picture of Dorian Gray, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The (Wilde/Osborne) Pigs and Dogs
Pillowman, The Pink Mist Pinocchio (Morley)
Piranha Heights Pitcairn Pitchfork Disney, The
Pizzazz Playhouse Creatures Pleasure Shared
Plough and the Stars, The Poirot Double Bill, A Pondlife
Pool (No Water) Pools Paradise Popcorn
Porcelain Portrait of a Murder Posh
Postal Orders Precisely Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb
Present Laughter Present Slaughter Press Conference
Pretty Trap (A Comedy in One Act), The Pride and Prejudice (Jerome) Pride and Prejudice (Pascoe)
Pride at Southanger Park Princess Ascending Princess Caraboo