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Dramatic Publishing

The Telltale Heart The Temperamental Artist... or A Bucket of Blood The Terezin Promise
The Theory of Everything The Third Wave The Third Wave Musical
The Thread That Runs So True The Three Musketeers The Three Musketeers (youth theatre version)
The Tiger Turned Pink The Time Machine (radio manuscript) The Timid Dragon
The Tolstoy Story Play The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (Ireland) The Toys Take Over Christmas
The Transition of Doodle Pequeño The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge The Trial of Goldilocks
The Trial of Goldilocks (musical) The Trial of the Arkansas Bear The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf
The Trial of Tom Sawyer (or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) The Tricks of Scapin The Trip
The Trojan Women The Troll and the Elephant Prince The True Adventures of Pinocchio
The Truly Remarkable Puss-in-Boots The Trumpet of the Swan The Truth About Cinderella
The Tuesday Afternoon Regulars The Turn of the Screw The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Twelve Dancing Princesses The Ugly Duck (musical) The Ugly Duckling (musical) (Simms)
The Ugly Duckling (touring version, manuscript) (Averill) The Uncertain Samaritan The Underground Venus
The Unknown Soldier The Vanishing Point The Veldt
The Velocity of Gary (Not His Real Name) The Velveteen Rabbit (Grecian) The Velveteen Rabbit (musical)