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Dramatic Publishing

Jesse and Grace: A Best Friends Story Jessica's Will Joan: The Girl of Arc
Job John Lennon & Me Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Moonbeam and the Silver Arrow Johnny Tremain Journey to the Center of the Earth (radio manuscript)
Journey to the World's Edge: A Folk Tale in the Irish Tradition JOY! Juliet
Junior Claus Junior High School One-Act Comedies Just a Stage He's Going Through
Just Before Sleep Just Desserts Just for Kicks
Just in the Nick of Time! (a Detective Red Mistletoe mystery) Just One Day Just So Stories (musical) (Harris)
Juvie Kabuki Lady Macbeth Kabuki Othello
Kaleidoscope Kara in Black Kate and Isabel
Keeping Mr. Lincoln Kiddledywinks! Kids Say the Darndest Things
Kimchee and Chitlins: A Serious Comedy About Getting Along Kindness King Arthur's Calamity
King Chemo King of the Ice Cream Mountain King Patch and Mr. Simpkins
King Stag Kingdom Kiss the Bride
Kissing Bandit Plus Four, The Kong's Night Out La Llorona Llora
la ofrenda (the offering) La Posada (The Inn) Ladies of the Tower