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Such a Nice Little Kitty Sun Yat Sen: In the Mouth of the Dragon Sun Yat Sen: In the Mouth of the Dragon (Chinese translation, manuscript)
Sunday Dinner Sunday, Sunday Super Cowgirl and Mighty Miracle
Surviving Lunch Swagger Sweeney Todd (Demon Barber of the Barbary Coast)
Sweet T-Money & Wolf Take Five
Take Two Tales from Hans Christian Andersen (musical) Tales From The Brothers Grimm
Tales of Trickery Talking Bones Tarheel Tales
Tartuffe Teacher's Favorite Christmas Book Teaching Disco Square Dancing to Our Elders: A Class Presentation
Tear Along the Dotted Line Ted Kaczynski Killed People With Bombs: A Play With Seven Songs, One Reprise and Three Epiphanies Teen Brain: The Musical
Teen Court Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon Tell Your Story The Plays and Playwriting of Sandra Fenichel Asher
Ten 10-Minute Scenes for Teens Ten-Minute Theatre Tender Lies
Texas in Paris Thaddeus and 'Tila (A Crane and Frog Tale) Thanks, Awfully
That Day in Tucson The $39 Man The 12 Days of Christmas
The 13th of Paris The 146 Point Flame The Abdication
The Adventure of Treasure Island The Adventures of Beatrix Potter and Her Friends The Adventures of Don Quixote