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Dramatic Publishing

High School Intervention! (formerly Intervention) Hillary and Soon-Yi Shop for Ties Hit and Misdemeanor
Holy Laughter Holy Moses! Home Safe
Honeymoon at Graveside Manor Hope 'n Mercy Hopes and Words and Ordinary Things
Horse-Scents Hotel d'Amour (musical version of A Flea in Her Ear) Hotline
House for Sale House of Cards House of the Seven Gables
How Cissy Grew How Things Happen In Three! (participation musical) How to Make a Musical
Hubie's Best Friend Huck Finn's Story Hucklebee and the Rhyming Mountain
Huckleberry Finn (Kendall) Huckleberry Finn (Whiting) Huckleberry in Love
Humpty-Dumpty Is Missing! or The Mysterious Case of the Fallen Egg Hush: An Interview With America I Ain't Yo' Uncle: The New Jack Revisionist Uncle Tom's Cabin
I Am Grock I Am Whispering at the Top of My Voice I Believe in Make Believe (musical)
I Didn't Know That! I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady From Rwanda
I Know I Saw Gypsies I Love to Eat (a love story with food) I Never Saw Another Butterfly
I Never Saw Another Butterfly (musical) I Never Saw Another Butterfly (one-act) I Remain... J. Austen
I Remember You I Saved a Winter Just for You I Sincerely Doubt That This Old House Is Very Haunted (musical)
I Was a Teen-Age Dracula I Will Sing Life: Voices From the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp I'm a Stranger Here Myself