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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colours comes to vibrant life in this delightful parable.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Rock Musical

  • Time Period: Biblical
  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences
  • Set Requirements: JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT takes place 'way, way back many centuries ago, not long after the Bible began' in the land of Canaan and Egypt. SETTINGS INCLUDE Jacob's home, The desert, Potiphar's home, A jail cell, Pharaoh's palace.

  • Performance Group:
  • High School/Secondary, Church / Religious Groups, Community Theatre

  • Accolades:
  • 2 Awards for Best Set Design and Best Costume Design
The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes to vibrant life in this delightful musical parable.

Joseph, his father's favorite son, is a boy blessed with prophetic dreams. When he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged.

He is purchased by Potiphar where thwarting advances from Potiphar's wife lands him in jail. When news of Joseph's gift to interpret dreams reaches the Pharaoh (wryly and riotously depicted as Elvis), Joseph is well on his way to becoming second in command. Eventually his brothers, having suffered greatly, unknowingly find themselves groveling at the feet of the brother they betrayed but no longer recognize. After testing their integrity, Joseph reveals himself leading to a heartfelt reconciliation of the sons of Israel.

Set to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock 'n' roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both timely and timeless.


"The lyrical vitality gives this show its enduring freshness... This is a show that still comes up on top, every time."

Mark Shenton What's On Stage

"The best kind of feel-good show, unashamed, warm-hearted and irresistable."

John Peter Sunday Times

"Still amazing. An evening of real pleasure."

Daily Telegraph

"Enormously enjoyable. An evening entirely without the snobbery that so often infects theatre. Real fun."

The Guardian

"A superb piece of entertainment."

Daily Mail

"This enchanting musical explodes like glittering fireworks. A brilliant celbration of words, music and colour."

John Peter
  • Casting: 17M, 1F, 1M or F

    ENSEMBLE - Chorus of Men (doubled by Brothers) and Women. Optional Children's Chorus.
  • Name Price
    Rehearsal Material Shipped a minimum of 3 months before the last performance. This must be hired as a condition of the License to produce this show.

    20 Vocal Scores

    $550.00 +$135.00/pm
    Orchestral Material Shipped a minimum of 1 month before the last performance. This is optional.

    2 Full Scores (Act 1 & Act 2)
    1 Drums
    1 Guitar (electric/acoustic)
    1 Guitar (bass)
    1 Horn
    1 Trumpet
    1 Keyboard I
    1 Keyboard II
    1 Percussion (xylo,triangle,timp,conga,glock,shaker,tamb,bongos,guiro,temple blocks)
    1 Woodwind I (flute,piccolo,clarinet)
    1 Woodwind II (clarinet, sop sax, bass clarinet)

    $350.00 +$135.00/pm
    Perusal Material Shipped immediately. This is optional. Order Now

    1 Vocal Score