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Whistle Down The Wind

WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND takes place in a small Louisiana town, just before Christmas 1959 and follows the fortunes of a fugitive caught between the prejudice of adults and the innocence of the you.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Drama

  • Time Period: 1950s
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings
  • Orchestra Size: 14

  • Performance Group:
  • Community Theatre, High School/Secondary
WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND takes place in a small Louisiana town, just before Christmas 1959.

Based on the novel by Mary Hayley Bell and subsequent Richard Attenborough-produced film, Whistle Down the Wind follows the fortunes of a fugitive caught between the prejudice of adults and the innocence of the young. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman, together with Patricia Knop and Gale Edwards (co-book writers with Andrew Lloyd Webber) reset the original story in Louisiana in 1959.

Whistle Down the Wind revolves around the time and place where the word teenager was invented. Swallow, a 15 year-old-girl growing up in America’s deep South in the fifties, discovers a mysterious man hiding out in a barn. When she asks who he is and the first words he utters are “Jesus Christ”, it’s as if all her prayers have been answered. Swallow and the town’s other children vow to protect the stranger from the world that waits outside – the townspeople who are determined to catch a fugitive hiding it their midst. As fantasy and reality collide, Swallow is torn between the two and begins to discover who she is and where she is going.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s emotive score combines hauntingly beautiful love songs and explosive rock music with lyrics by acclaimed rock’n'roll songwriter Jim Steinman. The score contrasts the relentless influence of the modern world with the traditional values of the old days – something which the community at the heart of Whistle Down the Wind yearns to return to. The sensational score, for 14 players, travels through the rousing gospel opening of The Vaults of Heaven through pulsating rock songs such as Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts, via the lilting melody of the title track Whistle Down the Wind and the song which became a No 1 hit for Boyzone, No Matter What.

After successfully playing at the Aldwych Theatre in London for over two years, Whistle Down the Wind undertook two UK tours as well as touring the USA from 2007-2008.


"Sensationally Good Performances; I relished every minute"

Lynda-Lee Potter, Daily Mail

"I was captivated by Whistle Down the Wind. The best musical production I have seen on stage. Simply superb... Go and see it."

Sunderland Evening Chronicle

"This rock musical spectacular kicked up an almighty storm thanks to catchy songs, strong performances and compelling story."

Southampton Daily Echo

"Lloyd Webber's best show since Phantom"

Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

"A show with immense heart."

The Mail on Sunday, Glasgow

"It works triumphantly!"

Evening Herald, Plymouth

"This high-quality production works like a charm and looks a treat. The big barn set is spectacular and the cast of principals and children are outstanding."

Aberdeen Press and Journal

"Technically a miracle...vocally, the performers sound like Angels."

Yorkshire Post, Bradford

"Strong emotional scenes. Intense, satisfying, gripping drama."

Edinburgh Theatre Guide

"Strikingly Dramatic Stuff! Brilliantly Theatrical"

What's On in London

"A clutch of melodies crying out to be hummed all the way home."

Keighley News, Bradford

"Lloyd Webber's terrific new musical. A Superb Uplifting Evening"

Michael Coveney, Daily Mail

"Hugely entertaining with a gripping tear jerker of a finale that had the first night audience on their feet, cheering."

Wolverhampton Adnews

"Blessed with an outstanding score. Completely Brilliant"

Martin Collins Capital Radio

Premiere Production: Whistle Down the Wind was premiered at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. on 12 December 1996, starring Davis Gaines as The Man and Irene Molloy as Swallow.
  • Casting: 9M, 3F
  • Casting Notes: Mixed ensemble (adults and children)

    BRAT (girl)
    POOR BABY (boy)
  • Featured Children
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    Full Scores Act 1 & Act 2    
    Woodwind I (Flute, Piccolo, Tenor Sax)
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    Horn I
    Keyboard I
    Keyboard II
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    Guitar I
    Guitar II/Banjo
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    1 Libretto/Vocal Score
    1 Piano Vocal Score