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  • Joshua Harmon
  • Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy, Contemporary
  • 4M, 2F
  • ISBN: SFNY-11048

Skintight assays the nature of love, the power of attraction, and the ways in which a superficial culture persists in teaching its children that all that matters is what's on the inside.

  • Full Length Play
  • Dramatic Comedy
  • 120 minutes

  • Time Period: Contemporary
  • Target Audience: Adult

  • Performance Group:
  • Community Theatre, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups, Elementary School / Primary
Hanging on by a thread after her ex-husband gets engaged to a much younger woman, Jodi retreats to her dad's swanky Manhattan townhouse. But rather than the comforts of home, she instead finds her aging father's new live-in boyfriend, Trey -- who is 20.

Joshua Harmon brings neurotic family drama to the forefront as father and daughter contend with the age-old questions of how to age gracefully in a world obsessed with youth and where love fits into it all.


"Harmon charms his audience with witty dialogue and recognizable characters before slapping us back to reality with penetrating observations about the hypocritical myths that undergird American society."


"Harmon is an extremely gifted writer of comic dialogue."


"Very funny and poignant and well-crafted."

 The Wrap

  • Casting: 4M, 2F
  • Casting Attributes: Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)