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Don Zolidis

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Cheaters The Firecracker Incident First Person Shooter
Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, The (one-act) Game of Tiaras (full-length) 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
Audition, The (Zolidis) Anna and August Crushed
The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza (full-length) The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza (one-act) Miss Polly's Institute for Criminally Damaged Young Ladies Puts on a Show
The Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno Employees Must Wash Hands... Before Murder The Hamlet Thrill-ma-geddon (one-act)
The SeussOdyssey (full-length) The SeussOdyssey (one-act) Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, The (full-length)
Bold, The Young, and The Murdered, The It's not you, it's me The Tell-Tale Farce
That's Not How I Remember It The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation A Christmas Scarol
Nerdbullies and Other Strange Creatures The Monologue Show (From Hell) (one-act version) The Monologue Show (From Hell)
The Hamlet Thrill-ma-Geddon (full-length) Miles and Ellie Nooses Off
Angie! Juliet and This Guy Romeo Squad Goals
Strong Crazy Ladies The Refugee Women Scared Silly
The True Meaning of Halloween Doctor in Wonderland, The Project Murder - The Elimination Challenge, or Murder on the Runway
Norse Mythology Ragnasplosion, The (full-length) Norse Mythology Ragnasplosion, The (one-act) Breaking the News
10 Ways to Survive the End of the World Henry, Episode IV: A New Hope Anti-Social
Game of Tiaras (one-act) The One-Act Play Disaster A Simpler Time
Founding Fathers (Mothers) Game of Tiaras (one-act): Stay-At-Home Edition Game of Tiaras (full-length): Stay-At-Home Edition
The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (one-act version) Stay-At-Home Edition The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (full-length version): Stay-At-Home Edition Help Desk: A Stay-At-Home Play
10 Ways to Survive Life In a Quarantine (full-length): A Stay-At-Home Play 10 Ways to Survive Life In a Quarantine (one-act): A Stay-At-Home Play The Monologue Show (full-length): Stay-At-Home Edition
The Importance of Being Earnest in a Pandemic: A Stay-At-Home Play A Dark Sky Full of Stars Brightest Thing (or, the Squonk Play), The
Oz The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza (Iliad! Iliad! Iliad!) Rehearsal, The
Too Fabulous to Fail Little Women 2: Wrath of the Undead The Radio Play Disaster
Long Live Love Return of the Script Lord of the Choir
Stage Parents How to Get Away with a Murder Mystery Deadline

Author's Bio

Don Zolidis holds a B.A. in English from Carleton College and an M.F.A. in playwriting from the Actor's Studio Program at the New School University, where he studied under Romulus Linney.

His plays have been seen at numerous theatres around the country, including The Purple Rose Theatre, The Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Bloomington Playwright's Project, The Phoenix Theatre, the Victory Theatre, Stage West, The Williamstown Theatre, and many others.

Don received the Princess Grace Award for playwriting in 2004 after having twice been a finalist. His plays have received two Edgerton New Play awards and multiple NEA grants among other honors. In 2013 his play White Buffalo was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

His plays for young people are among the most-produced in the country and have received more than 7,500 productions, appearing in every state and 51 countries.