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Craig Christie Songbook

The Craig Christie Songbook presents twenty songs from ten musicals for which Christie wrote both music and lyrics. The selection of songs covers a diverse range of subjects and conveys a wide range of emotions in varied musical styles.

  • Collection / Anthology
  • Pop, Rock, Musical

The Songbook contains the following songs:
(Song Name (Show Name))

  1. Damaged People (Water Into Wine)
  2. Green (Water Into Wine)
  3. Main Course Mama (The Food of Love)
  4. Right Where We Are (Right Where We Are)
  5. Wolves In The City (Back To Before)
  6. Different (Rev It Up)
  7. My Imagination (Rev It Up)
  8. Allowed To Fly (Jungle Bungle)
  9. The Compass (Jungle Bungle)
  10. That Look (Jungle Bungle)
  11. I Need Chocolate (Hey Florence)
  12. Who Cares (Hey Florence)
  13. Trees (Jump To It)
  14. Connected (Connected)
  15. Oh Nothing (Connected)
  16. Planet Kate (Connected)
  17. Somebody Else (Connected)
  18. Cloudwatching (Space Jump)
  19. Unexpected Places (Space Jump)
  20. Woops (Songbook Exclusive)

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Damaged People (Water Into Wine)
Green (Water Into Wine)
Main Course Mama (The Food of Love)
Right Where We Are (Right Where We Are)
Wolves In The City (Back To Before)
Different (Rev It Up)
My Imagination (Rev It Up)
Allowed To Fly (Jungle Bungle)
The Compass (Jungle Bungle)
That Look (Jungle Bungle)
I Need Chocolate (Hey Florence)
Who Cares (Hey Florence)
Trees (Jump To It)
Connected (Connected)
Oh Nothing (Connected)
Planet Kate (Connected)
Somebody Else (Connected)
Cloudwatching (Space Jump)
Unexpected Places (Space Jump)
Woops (Songbook Exclusive)