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How to Eat Like a Child

A musical revue for children that can also be enjoyed by the parents...A charming and witty score.


Delightfully clever.

Hollywood Reporter

  • Full Length Musical
  • Backing Tracks, Comedy
  • 60 minutes

  • Time Period: Contemporary
  • Target Audience: Pre-Teen (Age 11 - 13), Children (Age 6 - 10), Appropriate for all audiences
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings, Bare Stage/Simple Set
  • Cautions: No Special Cautions
  • Orchestra Size: Piano Only

  • Performance Group:
  • Church / Religious Groups, Community Theatre, Elementary School / Primary, Shoestring Budget
This musical romp through the joys and sorrows of being a child is hilarious. Children give 23 lessons in such subjects as how to beg for a dog, how to torture your sister, how to act after being sent to your room and how to laugh hysterically. The pace is fast, the tone subversive and the recognition instant.


Applause, applause, applause!' - Steve Allen 'Delightfully clever.

Hollywood Reporter

Razzle dazzle staging, Broadway style songs and an imaginative script.

TV Guide

A musical revue for children that can also be enjoyed by the parents...A charming and witty score.


A winner...should become a classic.

The Seattle Times
Premiere Production: How to Eat Like a Child is based on the Viking book of the same name by Delia Ephron. The musical version began its life as an NBC prime time special starring Dick Van Dyke (the chimney sweep in MARY POPPINS). It was an immediate hit in schools, camps and community centers everywhere and has enjoyed thousands of productions all over the the US, Canada and many other countries where kids smuggle their least favorite vegetables to the garbage instead of eating them.
  • Casting: 30M or F
  • Casting Attributes: Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Ensemble cast, Flexible casting, Room for Extras, Expandable casting
  • Casting Notes: 'How To Eat Like A Child' is designed for a cast of typical school kids aged 5-15. It works especially well when the group includes a spectrum of ages. For instance, 'I Feel Sick' features three sister - big, medium and little. 'We Refuse To Fall Asleep' is started by the older 'ringleaders' and ends with one kindergartner as the last one awake. The character names listed here are the actual names of the children in the Original production. So, in each specific production, characters should be referred to by their own names.
  • Chorus Size: Medium

  • GEORGE - The leader; a rock-and-roller; has to have a strong voice.
    BILLY - George's sidekick.
    COREY - The comedian; does not need to sing well.
    RACHEL - Bossy; dramatic; strong singer.
    ANDY - A very good singer.
    REBECCA - The role does not require much singing.
    ARLENE - Sings "I Feel Sick;" older sister to Kimberly and Paula.
    KIMBERLY - Sings "I Feel Sick;" middle sister to Arlene and Paula.
    PAULA - Sings "I Feel Sick;" younger sister to Kimberly and Arlene.
    BRANDON - The youngest cast member.
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