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Anastasia: The Musical (Youth Edition)

A 60-minute adaptation, specially tailored for young actors, of the spectacular Broadway musical about discovering who you are and defining who you're meant to be.

Licensing for Anastasia: The Musical (Youth Edition) is currently available to K-12 educational schools only.

  • Short Musical
  • Backing Tracks, Dramatic Comedy
  • 60 minutes

  • Time Period: 1920s, 1910s / WWI, 1900-1910
  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings

  • Performance Group:
  • High School/Secondary, Jr High/Primary, Elementary School / Primary, Youth/Camp Programs

  • Accolades:
  • Nominee! Two Tony Awards (2017)
    Nominee! Nine Drama Desk Awards including Outstanding Musical (2017)
Her past is a mystery. Her future is an adventure.

Anastasia: The Musical is the spectacular new musical about discovering who you are and defining who you’re meant to be. This 60-minute adaptation of the Broadway hit is specially tailored for young actors.

From Tony winners Terrence McNally, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, creators of such Broadway classics as Ragtime and Once On This Island, this dazzling show transports its audience from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing con man and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love and family.


"The real thing... Fantastical, intelligent, well-crafted and exhilarating!"

 The Wall Street Journal

"[An] emotionally rich and expertly crafted new musical."


"A serious hit! Broadway’s got a bright new star, and its name is Anastasia!"

 NBC New York

"An irresistible and sumptuous fairy tale!"

 Frank Rizzo, Variety

"A sweeping adventure!"

 TimeOut New York

"A fairy tale whose princess chooses her own kind of prince."

 David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

Premiere Production:

Helmed by Tony Award-winning director Darko Tresnjak, Anastasia made its world premiere at Hartford Stage in Connecticut, completing a sold-out, record-breaking run before transferring to Broadway's Broadhurst Theatre on March 23, 2017. Anastasia has also been seen on national tour in the United States and garnered Best Musical awards in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

  • Casting: 5M, 6F, 10M or F

  • YOUNG ANASTASIA – A great role for a younger performer who is ready to take some responsibility onstage. She sings along with the Dowager Empress but doesn’t have a solo, so cast a confident actor who can portray a precocious royal princess!
    THE DOWAGER EMPRESS – True royalty, and she knows it. Cast an actor who reads as older onstage, and can encompass both the Dowager Empress’s regal bearing but also her deep grief as losing her family. This character does not need to dance but should be an excellent actor and singer. The Dowager Empress sings “Once Upon a December.”
    TSAR NICHOLAS II – Not quite as serious as his mother The Dowager Empress, especially with his young daughter Anastasia. Cast an actor who reads as older onstage and makes a good pair with Young Anastasia. This role requires ensemble singing and some acting, but cast an actor who is comfortable dancing and performing choreography.
    TSARINA ALEXANDRA FYODORONVA – A good role for a dancer who may not be comfortable performing a larger role with solos and dialogue. Cast a dancer who can portray the Tsarina’s regal bearing, and excel during the Romanov family’s various appearances throughout the show in Anya’s memories.
    The RUSSIAN COURT, including the PHOTOGRAPHER, Anastasia’s THREE SISTERS, her BROTHER, and other members of the COURT – appear throughout the show as figments of Anya’s lost memories. This is a good place for performers who are movers or dancers and excel with ensemble singing.
    ANYA – The undisputed lead of the show. Anya’s journey is what the show is all about: her bravery, tenacity and perseverance make her the hero of the story, even though she’s also the princess. An innate likeability and natural sense of comedic timing are both helpful for this street-smart lost princess. This role requires your strongest singer and actor, as Anya has multiple solos and must portray a large emotional range throughout the show. Anya sings “Learn to Do It,” “Once Upon a December,” Journey to the Past” and “In a Crowd of Thousands.”
    GLEB VAGANOV – The strait-laced Soviet officer with a softer side who is tasked with locating Anya. Though Gleb is the antagonist of the story, in his mind, he’s the hero – he truly believes in the Soviet cause and is doing his best to be a good soldier. Cast a strong actor and singer in this role who can understand the nuances of this character. Gleb sings “The Rumors Never End.”
    DMITRY – A street urchin turned con artist. Though his career choices aren’t necessarily honest, Dmitry has a heart of gold and ultimately chooses what’s best for Anya, despite what he might want for himself. If Anya is the lead of the show, Dmitry is a close second – cast a mature, responsible performer with innate charm and comic timing. Dmitry must be an excellent actor/singer and a good dancer. Dmitry sings “Learn To Do It,” “My Petersburg” and “In a Crowd of Thousands.”
    LUDA, GALINA, ALEXEI, SASHA, NIKOLA, MIRA, MIKHAIL and the MARKETEERS – Good roles for performers who may be new to the stage, or who aren’t ready to take on a larger role. These roles require featured lines and solos and are great spots to involve more young people.
    VLAD POPOV – A charming, jovial, intelligent character who should be played by an actor with great comic timing. Vlad serves as friend to Dmitry, the trio’s “in” with Lily, and as the buffer between Dmitry and Anya’s budding romance. This is the role for your strongest comedic actor. Make sure he reads as older onstage, is a good singer and fine mover, and pairs well with Lily. Vlad Popov sings “Learn to Do It.”
    The COUNTESS IPOLITOV – A featured acting and singing role with lines and a solo. Cast an actor who can read as older onstage and who can handle the dramatic subject matter of the scene. The Countess Ipolitov sings “Stay, I Pray You.”
    COUNT LEOPOLD – A featured acting role. Cast an actor who can make a big impression from a few lines – though the Count isn’t onstage very long, he has to stand up to Lily, so cast someone with a good stage presence. Count Leopold sings “Land of Yesterday.”
    LILY – The life of the party! She is the Dowager Empress’s lady-in-waiting, and former royalty herself. She loves everything 1920s Paris has to offer. Lily must be an excellent dancer and good actor and singer. Cast someone with a sense of comic timing who works well with Vlad. Lily sings “Land of Yesterday.”
    The ensemble in this musical is a great place for anyone who would like to be involved in the show. The MARKETEERS have a few sung lines, and GORLINSKY, the EXILED RUSSIAN and ANNOUNCER have spoken lines. The PEOPLE OF PARIS and PEOPLE IN THE NEVA CLUB should be dancers or strong movers, but everyone else should simply have a willingness to put on a great show! POLICEMAN 1 and POLICEMAN 2, the RUSSIAN COURT and PEOPLE OF RUSSIA are great roles to fill with your ensemble.
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