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Trial and Error

  • Kenneth Horne
  • Full Length Play, Comedy, 1950s
  • 3M, 4F
  • ISBN: SFUK-10800

A full-length comedy dealing with the sudden doubts new groom Claud has about his wife and whether her previous husband died by accident or design.

  • Full Length Play
  • Comedy
  • 120 minutes

  • Time Period: 1950s
  • Target Audience: Teen (Age 14 - 18), Senior, Adult
  • Set Requirements: Interior Set
Claud begins to suspect his new wife, Andrea's previous husband may have been pushed off a ship rather than fallen. His worries are further exacerbated when he finds out Andrea nursed a wealthy, elderly Aunt just before she passed away.

However, Andrea's dead husband turns out to be very much alive, having survived his fall into the ocean and now there is some legal questions as to whether Claud and Andrea's marriage is valid. Dudley, the first husband agrees to a divorce for a huge sum of money, but Claud refuses to pay and they come to blows.

Initially flattered by the attention from both men, Andrea grows tired of it very quickly and goes off to live with another elderly aunt for a bit, however she is pursed there by both men.

  • Casting: 3M, 4F

  • DUDLEY - 35. Well-bred, charming, but of doubtful standards.
    CLAUD - About 40. Good-looking, precise.
    RON - A press photographer, callow, gangling, young.
    ANDREA - 32. Easy-going, but quick tempered.
    MRS. O'CONNOR - The housekeeper, prim, bleak, middle-aged.
    BRIGGS - A female reporter, eager.
    GERTRUDE - Andrea's aunt, contrified, brisk, elderly.