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Brenda Bly: Teen Detective

It's 1958 -- a time of rock and roll, space discovery, and great hope for a bright future. But trouble is brewing at the Whitney Ellis Private School for Girls.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Dramatic Comedy, TYA

  • Time Period: 1950s
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings
It's 1958 -- a time of rock and roll, space discovery, and great hope for a bright future. But trouble is brewing at the Whitney Ellis Private School for Girls.

Only days away from the opening night of the end of term musical, "Rocket Girl", the leading lady is knocked unconscious with a sandbag. Once again, it is up to our favorite teenage sleuth, Brenda Bly, to solve the crime, catch the crook and save the day.

  • Casting: 4M, 13F

  • BRENDA BLY - Everyone's favourite teen detective:confident, charming and loyal. Her hair is perfectly coiffed, and she looks every bit the perfect teenager she strives to be. Even in peril, she manages to keep her cool.
  • DARCY - One of Brenda's best friends; pretty, a bit ditsy, and all pink and frills.
  • JO JO - Brenda's other best friend, a short-tempered, wise-cracking girl who is more interested in boys than following the rules.
  • AUTUMN - In charge of the end of term show and treats it as if it were an opening on Broadway. She is very serious student and will not let anyone get in the way of her great opus.
  • MADELINE - The French foreign exchange student. She wears her own school uniform, complete with beret.
  • BRIDGET & GIDGET - Twin sister who used to be child stars with their own television show, but once they grew into their teens the show was dropped and they were sent back to private school, and the only thing that remains from their heydey is the identical red curly hair they unfortunately never grew out of. Desperate to revive her career, Bridget considers herself worldly, sophisticated, and extremely more talented than the others. She is wrong on all accounts. Gidget has been around the block more than most girls her age. She smokes, and is attracted to men from the wrong side of the tracks.
  • VERA VAN STRANDER - The headmistress of the school, a no-nonsense woman in her mid-forties who suffers no fools, and is always quick to point out anyone's flaws. She is glamorous, but proper; sophisticated, but stern, with a wicked and sarcastic sense of humour that terrifies anyone in its path.
  • CECIL SESSILE - The school security guard. He is a bumbling, self-important man in his mid-forties. He is a cross between Phil Silvers and Don Knotts, always trying to elbow his way into any crisis, just in time to make matters even worse.
  • BUDDY ROGERS - He is a clean-cut, "All-American" Boy. Cocky and self-assured, but charming enough to get away with it. In short, he is the perfect match for Brenda Bly, and is madly in love with her.
  • DR SNIFFLES - He is your typical smooth-talking, devilishly handsome doctor straight out of a daytime soap opera. His smile is bright and hypnotic. He blankly stares down at his armful of medical charts.
  • STU - He is a cute, geeky, high-strung young man who doesn't like trouble, and gets even more nervous when he's around girl.
  • WALLY - A soda jerk.
  • CANDY - A Whitney Ellis schoolgirl.