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Steve Yockey

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foolish heart heavy cream [epistolary]
hysterical lucky bedtime
lovely violent ghost haiku, a wallpaper when it happens it will happen quietly
very still & hard to see (a short play cycle) subculture Octopus
Large Animal Games Cartoon (Yockey) afterlife: a ghost story
Disassembly [every little thing] sucker punch
kiss & tell dizziness & loss of breath snuff film
lonesome stop motion swallow
(stereo) headphones medusa very still & hard to see
Pluto Bellweather Skulls
Giant Robot Love Story Aquarium Serendipity
Joshua Consumed an Unfortunate Pear Mrs. Evelyn Foxy & Her Low Orbit Anxiety Niagara Falls
Blackberry Winter Thrush & the Woodpecker, The