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New Plays for Experienced Actors
3 Apr

Struggling to find strong parts for your more experienced actors? Look no further than these new plays from Playstage Senior.

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By Lynn Brittney
Full Length Play, Comedy, Contemporary
A failing soap calls in the lead actress of a very successful soap to give them a masterclass on how to achieve better ratings. This results in the employment of a creative consultant who wreaks havoc with the cast and plot lines, with hilarious and manic effect.

By Lynn Brittney
Full Length Play, Farce, Contemporary
The Mount Home for Retired Theatricals is an unusual place - more like a country house hotel than a home for the elderly. As Juliet Sullivan says "Waited on hand and foot - no meals to prepare - beds made. Heaven!"

By Lynn Brittney
Full Length Play, Comedy, Present Day
Somewhere near the coast in Britain is a Naval Intelligence Cold War Bunker, manned by four naval personnel nearing retirement. Imagine the alarm at Naval Headquarters when they start getting signals from what they thought was a defunct facility! 

By David Summers
Full Length Play, Murder Mystery, Contemporary
Three wealthy sisters, Mary, Martha and Miriam, live together in a luxurious house on a private sheltered estate for the elderly. They are all widows and the source of their money is a mystery to everyone, including Eric, the son of the oldest and most disagreeable sister, Miriam. 

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Satire, Contemporary
It is 2008 and self-service tills have arrived in the local supermarket, bringing with them a raft of problems. A bittersweet indictment of the advance of technology and how it has made the already difficult lives of women much harder.

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Drama, 1910s / WWI
The Battle of Fromelles took place on the days of July 19th and 20th, 1916, and came to be known as "the worst 24 hours in Australia's entire history." This play recounts the story of a fictional 'first body' in the shape of Mick Feeney - stubborn Australian miner from Ballarat, who volunteered, even though he was in his late 30s.

There is something about the human psyche and the way it responds to the challenge of a quiz. Some people become highly competitive, others become uncertain. All human emotions surface during a quiz - arrogance; frustration; nostalgia; enjoyment; sociability - the list is endless.
All the plays in this series mine the very rich vein of those emotions. Audiences will find them moving; funny; even thought-provoking - but they won't be bored!
The Wine and Wisdom plays are designed to be stand alone, for entry into festivals, or bolted together in twos and threes for an evening of themed drama.

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Drama, Contemporary
Den and Gloria and their grown-up children are taking their annual Caravan Club holiday, as they have done for nearly thirty years. The problem is that Den is terminally ill and has a very short time to live.

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Comedy/Drama, Contemporary
The Horbridge Amateur Dramatic Society Guild has organised a Quiz Night all about "the movies", which annoys Eileen for a start.

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Comedy, Contemporary
It is New Year's Eve at Roy and Jean's house. Jean has decided that they will all play a board game, called "Nostalgia", and the questions are all about the 1960s.

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Comedy, Contemporary
The Tennis Club is holding a quiz night and George, who has made a career out of running quiz nights since he retired, is the quizmaster.

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Drama, Contemporary
Doris has organised the bank's quiz night for the last ten years and she is most annoyed that her boss has decided it should now be done by committee.

By Lynn Brittney
Short Play, Drama, Contemporary
Colin was made redundant and, because of his age, he is virtually unemployable. So he whiles away his time feeding his obsession with television and radio quiz programmes.

Looking for something else? Check out the full range of plays from Playstage Senior HERE.

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