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Paint Your Wagon

The story is set in 1853 during the Californian Goldrush and begins with Jennifer, Ben Rumson's uneducated sixteen year old daughter, who discovers gold whilst running her hands through the dirt.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Drama

  • Time Period: 19th Century
The town of Rumson is called after Ben Rumson, who discovered gold there. 

Ben is persuaded to send the only woman in Rumson, his daughter Jennifer, east to school. Jennifer has already fallen in love with a Mexican miner, Julio.

Jacob Woodling, a Mormon arrives in town with his two wives. He auctions his wife, Elizabeth, to the highest bidder, who is Ben.

Jennifer runs away from school to find Rumson a poor, busted town. Julio has left in search of gold but returns to Jennifer. Ben begins once again to roam after his "Wand'rin Star". The musical score includes lovely rousing chorus numbers.

  • Casting: 23M, 7F

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