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Dottie's Home

  • Lewis Black
  • Short Play, Dark Comedy, Comedy, Contemporary
  • 1F
  • ISBN: ps2934

Reality seems to be slipping away for Dottie...

  • Short Play
  • Dark Comedy, Comedy
  • 20 minutes

  • Time Period: Contemporary
  • Target Audience: Adult
  • Set Requirements: Bare Stage/Simple Set

  • Performance Group:
  • Community Theatre, College Theatre / Student, Professional Theatre
Reality seems to be slipping away for Dottie, who goes about her day overwhelmed by a flood of memories. But soon her traumatized reflections start to sound eerily familiar: a tornado... a scarecrow... a dumb dog... 

Is she who she seems to be? What was real, and what was on the silver screen? And is there a difference?

(From Lost in Place: 5 Short Plays by Lewis Black.)

  • Casting: 1F