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Sentimental Bloke, The

Our own Australian musical is based on the poems of C.J. Dennis. Set in Melbourne, the story of Doreen and Bill, Rose, Ginger and Mick, opened in Canberra in 1961 before a subsequent J.C. Williamson Australasian tour.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Drama, Adaptations (Literature), Australian

  • Set Requirements: Set in Melbourne
Spring has come and our Hero, Bill, searches for his love. His friend, Ginger Mick, knows just the girl for him Doreen, who works in a pickle factory with Ginger's friend Rose.

The meeting takes place and romance gets under way. Mr. Smithers, a manager at the factory invites Doreen to a ball. Doreen stays true to Bill until Ginger assaults Smithers and Bill gets the blame, worse still, Doreen accepts the invitation to the ball with Smithers.

Bill goes back to the 'push' and accompanies Ginger to the Melbourne Cup where he meets with Doreen and Smithers. Smithers flirts with other girls and Bill 'stoushes' him and once again gains favour with Doreen.

Now Bill has to meet Doreen's mother and uncle and the test proves too much for him. He is frightened at the thought of a wife, a family and a mortgage. Smithers reappears with two hired toughs to deal with Bill but Doreen, accompanied by the police, comes to his rescue and Bill and Doreen decide never to part.

  • Casting: 18M, 13F

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