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A Time for Singing

“Do we ever know what we have, till we no longer have it?”

  • Full Length Musical
  • Drama

  • Time Period: Victorian (British and American)
  • Target Audience: Teen (Age 14 - 18), Adult
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings

  • Performance Group:
  • Community Theatre, College Theatre / Student, Professional Theatre, High School/Secondary
A lost treasure from the 1960s, A TIME FOR SINGING is based on How Green Was My Valley, Richard Llewellyn’s classic novel of a Welsh mining village. Librettist Gerald Freedman and Oscar-nominated composer John Morris weave a spirited and sentimental tale of the Morgan family and their struggles of love and labor at the turn of a century.

Excellent for a large ensemble cast, A TIME FOR SINGING asks, “Do we ever know what we have, till we no longer have it?”


"[A] frequently beautiful score… the richness of which points directly to the pop operas of a decade or two later… the Warner Brothers cast album is a great listen. Little known but strongly deserving of reissue."

Ken Mendelbaum

"One of the wonderful shows now playing on Broadway;quot;

Ed Sullivan
Premiere Production: In 1966, A Time For Singing opened at the Broadway Theatre for a run of 41 performances.
  • Casting: 10M, 3F, 1M or F
  • Casting Attributes: Parts for Senior Actors, Roles for Children
  • Chorus Size: Large

OLD HUW MORGAN – the narrator
GWILLYM MORGAN (Dada) – a miner, head of the Morgan Family
BETH MORGAN – his wife
IVOR MORGAN – their oldest son
BRONWEN JENKINS – a young lady who works for the Morgan family
MR. DAVID GRIFFITH – a minister
DAI BANDO – a miner
PAYMASTER – works at the mine

The other Morgan Brothers, miners:

ANGHARAD MORGAN – their sister, 17 years old
TOM DYLAN – a miner
MR. CHRISTMAS EVANS – owner of the mine
IESTYN EVANS – his son, about 24
MRS. TOM DYLAN – a miner’s wife

Large Singing and Dancing Ensemble with many small roles
Villagers, Miners and Children of the Valley

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1 x Libretto-Vocal Book
1 x Piano-Conductor Score

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1 x Libretto-Vocal Book
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1 x Horn
1 x Trumpet
1 x Percussion (Trap Set (including Snare, 2 Tom Toms {high & low}, Hi-Hat, Bass Drum and Suspended Cymbal), 2 Tymps (A & D), 2 Woodblocks (high & low), Xylophone, Bells, Chimes (optional), Big Cymbal (Piatti), Tambourine and Sleigh Bells (jingling coins effect)
1 x Keyboard I
1 x Keyboard II
1 x Violin I
1 x Violin II
1 x Viola
1 x Cello
1 x Bass

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