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Pirate Musical! - Buccaneer's Edition, The

  • Michael Tester
  • Full Length Musical, TYA, Comedy
  • 20M or F
  • ISBN: 9780874402377

As fine a theatrical treat as you're likely yo find on any enchanted island. Cleverly written on both parent and kid levels. Its loony landscape finds its charm in infectious pop diversity.

Steve Parks, New York Newsday

  • Full Length Musical
  • TYA, Comedy

  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings

  • Performance Group:
  • Jr High/Primary
The Pirate Musical! - Buccaneer's Edition features the beloved, comic story of the original The Pirate Musical! but is written to accommodate larger and younger casts! With memorable music, captivating adventure, and outlandish, lovable characters, this new version is perfect for school groups, children's theatres, or any large ensemble!

Best friends Hoagy and Shirley find themselves shipwrecked in their imaginations, this time on the mystical island of Wacky Tacky Boo. Once a paradise, the island's natural resources have been plundered by Pollution Pirates. The local animals enlist the aid of our heroes in preventing the pirates from devastating their habitat. After harrowing chases Shirley and Hoagy meet The Big Mermaid, a Seaweed Siren who has spouted legs in time to compete in the island's annual talent show: Wacky Tacky Idol. By the end of Act One, everyone armed with their own agenda are on their way to compete in the extravaganza. 

Act Two is a show within a show which enables each production to showcase the unique talents of their cast. Who will win Wacky Tacky Idol? Will the pirates clean up their act? All is revealed in the all-singing, all-dancing finale!

  • Casting: 20M or F
  • Casting Attributes: Flexible casting