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Too Old For The Chorus, But Not Too Old To Be A Star

Too Old for the Chorus is a smart, funny musical revue about men and women who find themselves suddenly 50!

  • Musical Revue / Cabaret
  • Comedy
  • 75 minutes

  • Time Period: Present Day, Contemporary
  • Target Audience: Senior, Adult
  • Set Requirements: Interior Set, Bare Stage/Simple Set
  • Orchestra Size: Small/Combo, Medium

  • Performance Group:
  • Dinner Theatre, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Senior Theatre
Too Old for the Chorus is a smart, funny musical revue about men and women who find themselves suddenly 50! 

Set in their neighborhood retro coffee shop, five characters express in 18 musical numbers the gamut of their frustrations and joys – from troublesome relations with still demanding parents and cutting edge technology to finding delight in second careers (and second chances), getting smarter, and finally knowing that "Age is just a Number." The title celebrates life, finding fulfillment and being appreciated for exactly who you are – all while getting a senior discount. 

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"The show hits a marketing sweet spot. It plays to the vast baby boom generation... but its appeal isn't limited to that audience. As with Avenue Q, the topics here are universal... Time and again, ache gives way to good humor and renewed determination... You'll leave rethinking 50 as 27, with 23 years of experience."

The Los Angeles Times

"Uproarious! Show Biz bliss!"

San Diego Union Tribune

"Musical theatre doesn't get much better than this. With literate lyrics that rival Cole Porter and Noel Coward."

 Get Up and Go

"A little show with a big heart... The numbers reverberate with wit and humanity."

LA Weekly

"...a smart, funny and sometimes touching exploration of the challenges and joys of aging."


"Baby Boomers will find resonance and uplift... in this unpretentiously enjoyable valentine to aging contentedly."

 Back Stage West

"A lively musical revue... the evening just flies by!"

Jewish Times

Premiere Production: Too Old For The Chorus, But Not Too Old To Be A Star had its world premiere in Los Angeles in March 1999 at the Celebration Theatre under Artistic Director Bob Schrock. The performance was directed by Bob Schrock and choreographed by Chrissy Bucchino.
  • Casting: 3M, 2F
  • Casting Attributes: Parts for Senior Actors

  • SHIRLEY – 58-65. A beautiful life force who’s “been there and done that” and still has lots of life to live - because to her, “Age Is Just A Number.” A cross between Shirley MacLaine and Elaine Stritch.
  • BOBBY – 50. A Broadway gypsy whose body is starting to wear out, so he’s pondering his options. Boyishly handsome, well-dressed and gay – he still can dance and knock ’em dead.
  • GLENN – 58-65. A former surfing star – now a little out of shape who welcomes the anonymity that age and a belly has given him. An optimist all the way, the martini glass is always half full to him.
  • FAITH – 45. A spunky former fire-baton-twirling Miss Ohio. Her husband recently left her for a younger woman and her two kids are in college. She’s looking for a new beginning. Age has handed her the unexpected challenge of early menopause.
  • JAMES – 50-55. A former business whiz-kid who is losing out to the techno-savvy generation. Three strikes in the marriage department and his mental acuity is starting to go. Think James Naughton or Tom Wopat.
  • BARRY – Young. A barista at the coffee shop. He has no lines, but responds to lines and does certain stage business.
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