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Puss in Boots

A brilliantly inventive version of the classic tale.

  • Full Length Play
  • Dramatic Comedy

  • Target Audience: Pre-Teen (Age 11 - 13), Children (Age 6 - 10), Young Children (Age 2 - 5)
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings

  • Performance Group:
  • Community Theatre
A brilliantly inventive version of the classic tale, from the "master of children's theatre"(Scotsman).

Stuart Paterson's play Puss in Boots was first staged at Dundee Rep in 2001.


"A rollicking, roguish, exuberant treat of a show."


"Magic, comedy, glitter, goodies, baddies and a true-hearted hero triumphing over adversity... But this being a Stuart Paterson show, most of the cheesier trad-panto fixtures are dispensed with in favour of strong narrative momentum and pawky vernacular humour... The story follows the adventures of Rab, the youngest of a mill-owner's three orphaned sons, after their mother's will leaves the mill to his two shiftless, bullying brothers and him nothing but her love and the company of her cat. Setting off to seek his fortune he soon discovers - of course - that this is no ordinary cat, especially not once they have defeated the evil witch and Puss has purloined her magnificent, re-sequinned magic boots... Puss is of course Catherine in disguise and Rab, though he didn't realise it at the time, has loved Catherine all along."


Premiere Production: Dundee Rep, 2001.
  • Casting: 4M, 4F
  • Casting Attributes: Expandable casting