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MILF the musical
8 Nov

Created by Sally Knight
#Mother   #Influencer   #Like   #Follow
Cast: 3F, 3M, + ensemble
Full Length Musical, Romantic Comedy, Australian, Comedy, Present Day, Contemporary

MILF the musical is a hilarious comedy following the inspiring journey of mother and wife Kate Esther, a successful fashion designer turned popular fashion influencer known as @FashionEsther, loved and hated for her honest no holds barred content.

Kate's personal life becomes a whirlwind of complexity when her husband, Jason, an advertising executive lands a major fashion label, consequently branded a career thief by Kate, creating an unexpected source of tension between them.

Additionally, the musical explores the dynamics within Kate's family -- her mother's venture into the world of online dating and her sister Cleo's divorce -- adding layers of relatability and depth to the story.

Kate saves the day for best friend Frankie when his famous drag show is almost derailed. Left with no alternatives, Kate's fashion design talent becomes a reality once again. MILF the musical  showcases the highs and lows of her journey, the challenges she faces, and her unwavering determination to succeed. Kate's story is one that all people can relate too, it serves as an inspiration, reminding audiences of the power of authenticity, resilience, and following one's passions.

With its engaging storytelling, memorable characters, and a vibrant original score, MILF the musical  will have you laughing out loud with its relatable themes, wit and humour.


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MILF the musical

#Mother #Influencer #Like #Follow

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