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Christmas Giveaway Winner
10 Jan

The 12 days of Christmas Giveaway! 
Winner announced and answers revealed.

Congratulations to CARLA WEBER from the Halswell Drama Group for correctly decoding the show titles. Carla has won more than a year's worth of scripts.

Thank you to everyone who emailed us with their answers to the competition. You guys know your shows!

Here are the show titles and below are the decoded answers!

1.    Positions of affection  
2.    Shrill through the breeze 
3.    Firmly flamenco 
4.    Crowned Feline            
5.    Very, Very Not Good   
6.    A Place of Learning for Solid Mineral Material 
7.    Natalya, Peter, and the Superior Meteor of MDCCCXII 
8.    Adjacent Spectacle 
9.    Clapping 
10.  Second Day of the Weekend in a Public Garden with an Artist 
11.  Hirsute 
12.  Oil 
13.  The Magician of the Sung Through Drama 
14.  Adoration Doesn't Expire 

Decoded answers:
1. Aspects of Love
2. Whistle down the Wind
3. Strictly Ballroom
4. The Lion King (or The Big Cat With A Crown)
5. Wicked
6. School of Rock
7. Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812
8. Side Show
9. Applause
10. Sunday in the Park With George
11. Hair
12. Grease
13. The Phantom of the Opera
14. Love Never Dies

Thanks again for participating. 
Happy 2018!

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