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Captains Courageous

A classic coming-of-age story set in the forgotten world of the great New England sailing ships. In 1928, a millionaire's pampered son falls off an ocean liner and is rescued by a Portuguese fisherman, who teaches him the virtue of hard work and the true riches of life.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Musical

  • Target Audience: Family, Community

  • Performance Group:
  • All Types
Harvey Cheyne, a spoiled 12-year-old boy who falls off his father's ocean liner in the North Atlantic in 1928. Rescued by Manuel, a Portuguese fisherman, Harvey is brought aboard a New England fishing schooner and put to work.

Thrust into a pre-modern world of ropes, sails and fishing lines, Harvey rebels, and he is soon branded a "Jonah" and blamed for the ship's bad luck. But with Manuel's help and friendship, Harvey leaves his boyhood behind, wins over the crew, and learns the value of hard work, spirit and song.

The musical is based on the Rudyard Kipling novel and the classic Academy Award-winning film.

  • Casting: 18M
  • Casting Attributes: All Male, Flexible casting, Roles for Children
  • Casting Notes: The ages of the crew may range from 20s to 60s. Ollie is the oldest member of the crew. Mr. Cheyne, Eliot, and Ship's Attendant double as crew members.
  • Chorus Size: Flex-size

MANUEL (tenor/baritone): A Portuguese fisherman
HARVEY CHEYNE (boy alto): A 12 year-old boy
CAPTAIN TROOP (baritone): Captain of the "We're Here."
DAN (1st tenor): The Captain's son, 16 years old
DOC (bass): Cook on the "We're Here."
MR. CHEYNE (non-singing): Wealthy industrialist, Harvey's father
ELIOT (non-singing): Mr. Cheyne's secretary
SHIP'S ATTENDANT (non-singing)

LONG JACK (baritone/bass): Morose, religious, menacing
EVANS (second tenor): Unassuming, insecure
HEMANS (second tenor): Dark, sensitive
STEPHENS (bass): Intelligent, assertive
SIMON (baritone): Jocular, the "class clown"
TOM PLATT (first tenor): Educated, rational
OLLIE (bass): Elderly, wise
PETERS (second tenor): Shifty, ill-mannered
HARRIS (first tenor): Portly, dour
MURPHEY (baritone): Short-tempered, brutish
WALTERS (bass): Burly, loyal

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